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A Journey into the Wheel of the Year
A Seasonal Yoga Immersion Series

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Embark on a journey into the wheel of the year, with eight immersions that will you connect you more deeply to the rhythm of the natural world.

The wheel of the year is a symbol representing the Earth’s annual cycle.  This cycle is punctuated by solar events of the solstices & equinoxes, and by four midpoint events that mark the stirring of significant seasonal change.

Each of these punctuations has a distinct vibration, a unique rhythm.  According to ancient wisdom traditions, when we live in harmony with these rhythms we experience greater health in body, mind and spirit. 

Through the partnership of the physical practice of Hatha Yoga and energetic practice of Yin Yoga we will cultivate present moment awareness, clarity and receptivity. These qualities will support you in attuning to subtleties of each season, which will be intelligently woven throughout your time on the mat.  Aligning your own rhythm with the rhythm of the natural world.

Find details below for the individual immersions.  
Our journey begins Saturday, Oct 30th!


Delve into Darkness - Samhain Immersion
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Samhain (/’sa:win), or “summers end” is the name of the ancient Celtic festival that marks the final harvest and the beginning of winter. The midpoint between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice when the light continues to wane and the cool winds heralds the end of the solar year.

The astrological sign of Scorpio takes us deeper into the depths of darkness. Urging us to search our shadows, to face our fears, and to let go of what no longer serves us in order to access the greater power within.

The heavy, refined energy of the Metal element will support us in the elimination and purification necessary to delve into the darkness & create the space for new beginnings.


This immersion will support us in delving deeper into the depths of darkness by attuning to:

  • The rituals and richness surrounding the festival of Samhain

  • The energetics of the astrological sign governing the dark season; Scorpio

  • The influence and effect of the Ayurvedic elements of Vata (wind) and Kapha (water and earth)

  • The role of the Metal element plays in taking us deeper 

Nature has stripped herself bare, surrendering to the forces of rest and renewal, knowing that without them transformation isn’t possible. We too must embrace this period of release; to turn inwards and listen deeply to the stirrings of our soul.

When - Saturday Oct 30th from 1-4pm
Where - All Ways Yoga at 2-2042 Mills Rd Sidney BC
How - register on the All Ways Yoga website
Investment - $55

Sink into Stillness - Winter Solstice Immersion

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Winter Solstice marks the astronomical beginning of winter.  The light has dwindled to its lowest point and the natural world is at rest…however deep in the darkness a spark is lit and waxing year gently begins.


On the longest night of the year the astrological sign of Capricorn ushers us into the season of deep winter.  Although the demands of this season can pull us away from our dark sanctuary, this is a time of maximum yin when we require the same rest & quietude that Nature does.  


It is the energy of the Water element that will nourish the inner reflection and quiet contemplation necessary to attune to our soul’s inspiration.  

This immersion will support us on our inward journey by attuning to:​​

  • The folklore and ancient wisdom associated with this potent time of year

  • The energetics of the astrological sign governing this season

  • The role of the Water element plays in nourishing our deep wisdom

Solstice means ‘sun stands still’, as it appears for a few days that the sun rises & sets in the same position on the horizon. It is a time to pause, to sink into stillness and prepare ourselves for the new solar year and the growth cycle to come.

When - Sunday Dec 19th from 2-5pm

Where - All Ways Yoga at 2-2042 Mills Rd Sidney BC

How - register on the All Ways Yoga website

Investment - $55

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